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Well, here I am! burned out, never with an idea of what to post here, just done with my finals and still waiting for results on the written ones.

It's... weird. I used to write so often here some years ago, but now all I currently have to offer is Tweets Tweets. xD Not exactly, though: I sometimes think "whoa, maybe I shall write about this...", and then NADA comes to my mind. How to explain what I just went through, good or bad? How to tell it without sounding disjointed or silly? Nah, getting tired... *yawn*

I'm more and more "disperse" in that sense. Poo.

Good news, though! Started sending out the X-mas cards. Some will have to wait a little more due to lack of time and $$, but I'll send them up ASAP. In the meantime...

Cut for the wishlist meme info )

So, my X-mas wishes are. . .

Here you go! )

I'll try coming up with something more... articulate later. Many hugs to those who need them, and hugs for everyone else just in case. <3


Jul. 10th, 2009 02:13 pm
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Final report for the Seminary course, finished at 6:10 AM (Nice all-nighter).

It's 14:00 and I'm just waking up.

Feels so... weird. I've always found a way to NOT oull an all-nighter because I've had sleep problems ever since I was a kid, so...

Not I've gotta wait for the grade ASDASDASDASAS I HOPE I'VE PASSED. I suspect I flunked another subject but I won't know 'til next week, uuuugh.

I can't sleep more than I have already. brb going kill self. Take care of my pokeymans before I revive.

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There's nothing like getting an e-mail around 10:30 PM about how the only class of the day (one that's in reality TWO classes put together, and which starts at 8:30 AM) is suspended... and you notice the lecturer mistakenly sent that mail ONLY to you and not to your other classmates.

Redirected that sh*it ASAP, of course. And I can lounge around this morning and rest after quite the hellish and busy research and study week. And right when I've got REALLY bad cramps. :3

(Dammit, remind me to write longer and more frequently here. Even if just to ramble. Even if it's just to show off your pokeymanz I'm losing my touch, definitely. T-T)

So, to relax a bit, here you have this:

who do you ship me with?


See you later, hopefully soon!


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