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2011-12-22 09:04 pm
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........ So um, this thing lives? =D

I suppose that since more people are coming here, I'll be using it more than just commenting once or twice and watching over. So yeah, changed the layout, may change the icons, and saying hi to everyone here!

So yup, if you've added me recently, report and say hi. if you haven't, you can still drop by and say hello. <3
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2011-05-21 10:34 am
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There, I was shocked people weren't making THAT joke. :P

(OTOH, who the FUCK sings Gethsemane from Jesus Christ Super Star out on the streets at 11 PM? x3)

On another note, I noticed twittinesis is down only now. ;; Is there any other site where one can cross-post their tweets/plurks?
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2011-04-07 12:07 am

Dropping this here to not cause wank in the [community profile] madokamagica LJ comm. . .

Japan has gone through a HUGE natural disaster, is still going thrhough a huge crisis as an aftermath, and ALL this selfish bint can think of is whining and bitching because this caused their favorite and VERY apocalyptic series to NOT be aired at all.

For those who don't know, Puella Magi Madoka Magica is a very special Magical Girl series. Small cut for spoilers. )

Based on this, the TV station airing it refused to let it be aired in any way. Included the internet. Looks like we'll have to wait until the DVD's are released and the ripped/uploaded to the comm. Which is, admittedly, pretty frustrating, but it can't 100% be blamed. Whether it's for monetary or for sensitivity, it's really NOT the moment to air such stuff

But what does the OP have to say?

Warning! Possible triggers. Very dumb shit from one selfish whiner. )

Sorry for subjecting you guys to all of this. I guess my next post will be about, well, happier things? I certainly hope so!
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2011-02-27 02:51 pm
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La vida sigue, qué le vamos a hacer. Los muertos siguen muertos, los vivos o ya murieron o siguen vivos, y no podemos cambiar lo que pasó hace un año.

Tampoco tengo muchas ganas de "celebrar" este día, para ser honesta. como le dije a [personal profile] rowein, es casi de mal gusto la apropiación que ha hecho el gobierno de Piraña Piñera, considerando todas las consecuencias que trajo.

Pero de nuevo, qué le vamos a hacer. Sigamos adelante, Chilito querido, que ni siquiera el terremoto del 27 de febrero será capaz de hundir al "país con forma de calcetín". <3
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2010-12-31 10:02 pm
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2010-12-14 08:58 pm
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Well, here I am! burned out, never with an idea of what to post here, just done with my finals and still waiting for results on the written ones.

It's... weird. I used to write so often here some years ago, but now all I currently have to offer is Tweets Tweets. xD Not exactly, though: I sometimes think "whoa, maybe I shall write about this...", and then NADA comes to my mind. How to explain what I just went through, good or bad? How to tell it without sounding disjointed or silly? Nah, getting tired... *yawn*

I'm more and more "disperse" in that sense. Poo.

Good news, though! Started sending out the X-mas cards. Some will have to wait a little more due to lack of time and $$, but I'll send them up ASAP. In the meantime...

Cut for the wishlist meme info )

So, my X-mas wishes are. . .

Here you go! )

I'll try coming up with something more... articulate later. Many hugs to those who need them, and hugs for everyone else just in case. <3
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2010-09-18 07:54 pm
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(no subject)

Happy 200th b-day / Feliz Cumple n° 200, Chile!
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2010-08-27 12:43 pm
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Not for you, kitteh.

Happy birthday to me! :D
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2010-07-13 09:28 pm
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Nevermore, nevermore!

I write like
Edgar Allan Poe

I Write Like by Mémoires, Mac journal software. Analyze your writing!

Coming from my last fic ever written/uploaded, a Yanagi/Yukimura piece here Which reminds me that I haven't really written fics in years. ;A;
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2010-06-28 07:10 pm
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3 - 0.


We still have lots to work on, people, life ain't over and w're doing pretty well considering that our last WC was 12 years ago. This isn't the end of the world, so let's go and get ready for what's coming - we WILL press forward and be even BETTER. :D (Besides, several of the players aren't that old, so I bet they'll still be around for the next Cup.)

In b4 Chilean blogs/videos/comments everywhere are full of xenophobic, anti-Brazilian BS.
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2009-08-27 04:37 pm
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Happy birthday to me and [personal profile] kat8cha!

And a HUGE Thank You to those who have already sent/said/etc their greetings!
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2009-08-13 03:09 pm

(no subject)

I've tried to write something coherent here for at least a week.

... Insert whining and b*tching about how my LJ muses refuse to cooperate. T-T

Guess that writing little things more or less constantly, like I think I used to years ago, works definitely better than having a huge-ass entry and never ever bringign self to put it here. I'll see! ^^

Also, I'm really dumb when it comes to Tweeter. How do I crosspost tweets from there to LJ? That could be helpful once in a while, as long as I don't get TOO used to it. :3

And last but not least: Here are mai current pokeymans. :333

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2009-07-10 02:13 pm
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Final report for the Seminary course, finished at 6:10 AM (Nice all-nighter).

It's 14:00 and I'm just waking up.

Feels so... weird. I've always found a way to NOT oull an all-nighter because I've had sleep problems ever since I was a kid, so...

Not I've gotta wait for the grade ASDASDASDASAS I HOPE I'VE PASSED. I suspect I flunked another subject but I won't know 'til next week, uuuugh.

I can't sleep more than I have already. brb going kill self. Take care of my pokeymans before I revive.

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2009-06-25 07:19 pm
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I was always lukewarm to your music. Never really was intrested in your scandals. Was WTF many times over the weird shit you pulled. But now that you're dead, well...

Go moonwalking for real, Michael Jackson.

Let's not forget Mrs. Farrah Fawcett, too. Good-bye, lady. The world's quite less hot without you.

And last but not least...

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2009-06-11 10:30 am

It lives, lives, lives

There's nothing like getting an e-mail around 10:30 PM about how the only class of the day (one that's in reality TWO classes put together, and which starts at 8:30 AM) is suspended... and you notice the lecturer mistakenly sent that mail ONLY to you and not to your other classmates.

Redirected that sh*it ASAP, of course. And I can lounge around this morning and rest after quite the hellish and busy research and study week. And right when I've got REALLY bad cramps. :3

(Dammit, remind me to write longer and more frequently here. Even if just to ramble. Even if it's just to show off your pokeymanz I'm losing my touch, definitely. T-T)

So, to relax a bit, here you have this:

who do you ship me with?


See you later, hopefully soon!
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2009-05-12 08:08 pm
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(no subject)

It's raining ~