sweetmissrain: (Bookworm)
Maria ★ Magica ([personal profile] sweetmissrain) wrote2009-06-11 10:30 am

It lives, lives, lives

There's nothing like getting an e-mail around 10:30 PM about how the only class of the day (one that's in reality TWO classes put together, and which starts at 8:30 AM) is suspended... and you notice the lecturer mistakenly sent that mail ONLY to you and not to your other classmates.

Redirected that sh*it ASAP, of course. And I can lounge around this morning and rest after quite the hellish and busy research and study week. And right when I've got REALLY bad cramps. :3

(Dammit, remind me to write longer and more frequently here. Even if just to ramble. Even if it's just to show off your pokeymanz I'm losing my touch, definitely. T-T)

So, to relax a bit, here you have this:

who do you ship me with?


See you later, hopefully soon!

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