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Dropping this here to not cause wank in the [community profile] madokamagica LJ comm. . .

Japan has gone through a HUGE natural disaster, is still going thrhough a huge crisis as an aftermath, and ALL this selfish bint can think of is whining and bitching because this caused their favorite and VERY apocalyptic series to NOT be aired at all.

For those who don't know, Puella Magi Madoka Magica is a very special Magical Girl series. One where tragedy happens. Where the Magical Girls die and suffer. And things don't get better, but worse as time passes. And you know, the last episode that was aired RIGHT BEFORE the Japanese 'quake/tsunami included a completely destroyed and flooded city.

Based on this, the TV station airing it refused to let it be aired in any way. Included the internet. Looks like we'll have to wait until the DVD's are released and the ripped/uploaded to the comm. Which is, admittedly, pretty frustrating, but it can't 100% be blamed. Whether it's for monetary or for sensitivity, it's really NOT the moment to air such stuff

But what does the OP have to say?

I just can't agree with this kind of walking-on-eggshells political correctness at all, I think it's completely ridiculous. If I was living in Japan and lost family in the earthquake, I still wouldn't be in favor of anything being cancelled or delayed. I'd think 'Hell no, that's stupid. Don't cancel anything for my sake, there are people that want to see the movie/television series/whatever, go and release it for them, I'll deal with my own feelings myself.'

I think a fair compromise would be to post the episode online and have an unskippable 20 or so second long warning at the start (Like those stupid unskippable ads that are cropping up on Youtube now). Sure, that might turn a lot of people away, but I don't consider that a problem. The important thing isn't to get high amounts of viewers, it's for SHAFT not to be censored - if every single person in Japan ends up not watching the episode because of the warning, that would be perfectly okay. I just think this ironfisted censorship, no-compromise approach is completely wrong. The axiom of political correctness is basically 'If something offends someone somewhere, then no one anywhere should see it.' It's bullshit through and through, I don't think there's anything 'wise' or 'caring' or 'necessary' about this decision.

I... I mean WHAT?

One of the reasons why I was really uncomfortable with the whole "let's commemorate the 1 year anniversary of the Chilean earthquake" some months ago was how it reminded me of what I and others saw. Admittedly I was in an area that resisted relatively well, but I could still see the effect it had on many of us Chileans, and having the Chilean media repeat such traumatic shit was IMHO very tasteless. When I saw a reporter interviewing this woman who had been in the most affected area and having his cameraman tape her as a smaller 'quake broke in and the poor woman had a complete nervous meltdown (including screaming, crying and BSODing), I knew I shouldn't even bother. I didn't want to end up triggered or anything, and I suppose more than one Chilean person did the same.

And yet some selfish, whiny, empathy-less twit refuses to aknowledge that the Japanese just won't get over what happened to them, and whines and throws "PC" and "censorship" around because their favorite series won't be on air when she wants to? Dude, NO. Look, it's not just about being PC or what not. It's about, like, not triggering half your population when few weeks/almost a month has happened after a HUGE disaster. MBS might be overdoing it in your opinion, but even when this IS frustrating to a degree, I can't fully blame them. I'm not super naive to think that it's ~from the goodness of their hearts~, yeah, but after what happened, not releasing a series that seems to head to The End Of The World As We Know It is, well, the logical thing to do.

I was thinking of replying in the comm itself, but I'm not in the mood of starting wank. But here's what I had ready

Sorry, but when Japan has just gone though a HUGE disaster that almost destroyed more than one prefecture AND the last episodes of MadoMagi look like will take place in a completely destroyed country/city, i don't think I can fully blame the MBS for not wanting to air it. If I was in the higher-ups there, I'd also have second thoughts about airing such stuff.

And maybe you should think twice about how you word your comments, because judging by what you just said... you actually sound VERY whiny and self-absorbed. It's not about being oh-so PC, but about having some human decency and not rub graphic city destruction in the faces of people who just went through horrible experiences. If you (general you) had just survived a huge 'quake and tsunami, I doubt you'd like to see a series in which whole cities are destroyed and maybe the whole world will be as well.

The deal with MBS goes beyond mere PC-ness or "ironfisted censorship", things aren't as easy and simple as you seem to think, and not triggering thousands or even millions of people who have gone though quite the shit is much more important than a mere anime series. We'll just have to wait some more, and it's not gonna kill any of us.

Sorry for subjecting you guys to all of this. I guess my next post will be about, well, happier things? I certainly hope so!

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