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This is how Tv Tropes must NOT be administrated/modded/whatever

Seriously, dude. Your explanation (or lack thereof) is resumed in "IT'S MAH WIKI, I DO WHATEVAH I WANT". And this is NOT the fucking first time you do it, either: you deleted all the examples in Draco In Leather Pants and only me and others calling you out stopped that ego trip of yours. But now? You locked Small Name Big Ego down to avoid people undoing your high and mighty edits.


Back to watching the World Cup, pplz. :P

EDIT: Yeah, I commited a big mistake in my ignorance. *slaps self to the head* I still don't think his attitude is the best and that he's a BIG example of the trope he just deleted, but I'll go discuss it as it should be done instead of acting stupid myself.